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first day of classes. [Mon, Jul 3rd, 06
@ 6:16pm]
[ mood | calm ]

today was my first day of classes.
and it was an interesting experience.
i set my alarm clock for 7:45AM so i can go to the TIS Bookstore and the OBT Bookstore to buy my books.
but i went back to sleep.
and woke up at 10:45 for my 12:30 class.
i met up with esther and javi who were having lunch
and then esther and i walked to the florida gymnasium where our personal and family health class was at.
it turns out the class was cancelled.
i went back to my dorm.
then around 2:00ish, i got back on the bus to drop me off at the Century Tower so i could walk to the bookstore.
i bought my books.
then i went to eat a fast lunch.
my next class was at 3:30PM and i was 10 min early.
i sat next to someone i already knew.
the class seems interesting, its call age of dinosaurs.
its not just about dinosaurs but the rocks and plants of the time as well, but we do learn about dinosaurs.
the professor seems nic but a bit boring.
he basically said his lectures were straight from the text and we didnt really have to come to class.
im going to go for a run.
then see fireworks and maybe party.
no school tomorrow! haha.


Still tired. [Sat, Jun 3rd, 06
@ 3:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

these past three days have been quite hectic.
uf preview was just a load of information and no time to grasp it all.
but, i am now registered for classes at the university of florida.
fun stuff,
i dont think ill ever get used to the six hour drive to gainesville, ever!
oh well.

my summer classes are easy, i hope.
personal family and health and age of dinosaurs. haha.
my fall classes are going to kill me.
intro to chemistry, precalculus with algebra and trigonometry, argument and persuasion english class and architectural history.
and im working.
that will be fun.

college is super close.
so i need to have as much fun as i can in the next four weeks. 
party, beach, pool, sleep.

im going to go nap.

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[Mon, May 29th, 06
@ 1:48am]

happy birthday javi!!!
yay, you're finally legal.
you know what that means.

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[Fri, May 26th, 06
@ 2:13am]

i am now a high school graduate.
a miami sunset senior high school alumni.
there is nothing more i can say. you must go through graduation to understand how i feel right now.
class of 2006!!!

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Graduation Day. [Thu, May 25th, 06
@ 1:48pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

so it's finally here.
that one big day that many of us, that i, have longed for for many years.
but, i never expected it to come this fast. this soon.
it just seems like yesterday, i was in kindergarten, with my big bookbag and lunchbox.
now, here i am.
18 years old, and tonight i will become a high school graduate.
i will no longer be a high school student, but a Sunset Alumni.
who would have thunk it?
my cap and gown hang in my closet.
it is a surreal feeling to know that tonight i, along with my peers, will walk down the aisle, and walk on stage and hear our names being called as we are handed our diploma case. and that when i overlook the audience, i will see my fellow classmates, my friends, my family. i will see all the people that have affected my life in many different ways, and yet, i will be saddened at the fact that i might never see many of them again.
the one thing that hits me the most is the fact that this is a closure.
there is no more Miami Sunset Senior High School. next year, i won't walk through those hallways, rushing to my class, going to my locker, hanging out with my friends. next year, i won't even be in Miami.
the memories i have of these past four years are immortal. 
they cannot be erased, and nor do i want to.
i have spent the best four years of my life with the most important people in my life. 
but, tonight, we will all stand as one.
for one last time.
and it counts.
we will look at the person next to each other, and even though we might have never known them, or maybe have never seen them anywhere at school, we are all there for the same reason: to become.
we cry because it is an end.
but, as the Senior class has advertised, "Every New Beginning Comes From An End," and many of us have those new beginnings.
we end four years that have evolved us into the gentlmen and ladies we have become.
and we will begin.
we might not do it together.
but we will begin.
and even though one of your friends may be 3,000 miles away from you next year, we can all remember about tonight, and know we shared it with those that matter.
high school has been the biggest thing in my life. it's one of the most important experiences of your lives, and i have lived up to every second of it.
the memories are endless.
but high school isn't.
it will stay with us.
but, tonight, as sad as it is, we close this chapter of our lives.
but until then, tonight, let us all remember how much we have changed. let us remember everything we have experienced.
let us remember the laugher, the tears, the excitement.
let us remember that we are all one.
congrats to the Class of 2006.
enough said.

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[Thu, May 18th, 06
@ 10:39pm]

tomorrow is the last regular school day.
my last regular high school day.
monday we have block scheduling cause of finals.
i never knew it would be this hard.
graduation is only but a blink of the eye away.
where did my last 18 years of life go?


I Will Remember You, Will You Remember Me? [Wed, May 17th, 06
@ 11:18pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

it's coming down to the last days.
last days of high school.
last days of four years everyone says are the best in your life.
and they were.
four of the best.
i've been blessed to know so many special people these last four years.
to have made friends with people who somehow impacted me.
i still can't believe that in 1 week from tomorrow, i will be graduating.
the culminating point of everything we have all worked for.
next week, i'll have a more thorough entry of everything high school has meant to me.
it still isn't over.
but, the end to one stage of our lives is about to end.
and many of us would rather stay in this comfort zone.
and as excited as i seem to be about going to college, which i am.
this comfort zone is to familiar for me to leave.
and uncharted territories await ahead of me.

yearbooks came out pretty awesome this year.
i've very happy with the outcome.
the senior section is great.
i think it was a good way to end to my collection of yearbooks. 

also, we get our cap and gowns on fridays.
however, i lost, or someone stole my lit book.
so i need to pay that.
but im not being held from getting my cap and gown and tickets.
i just wont get my diploma if i dont pay for the book, i guess. 
hopefully, someone took it by accident, and it will show up soon.

im out.


almost there. [Fri, May 5th, 06
@ 9:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

is tomorrow.
so, im having a hard time acknowledging the fact that Prom is tomorrow.
and graduation is but a few weeks yonder.
ive written who knows how many lj entries about how senior year has been going by so fast.
i guess, now is the appropriate time to write of such content.
im definately excited for tomorrow.
ive been getting excited since after grad bash.
i just dont think it might hit me until i see everyone tomorrow in their dresses and tuxes.
i wont cry.
[thats esthers job, haha]
but, today after school, gaby, eric and i were in khans class just talking. 
and she goes "this is your
last senior event."
and holy shit, it is.
the last one before, graduation.
nonetheless, i am excited to the max.
tomorrow will be a day to remember, and one i will spend in company of the best people that i have been blessed to know and remain friends with during my high school years. 
tomorrow is a busy day for many of us.
not so much for me.
this is why i am glad i have a penis.
all i have to do is pick up the corsage.
and then i just need to shower, shave, gel my hair and look hot.
14 school days until graduation.
it used to be 180.
166 days later, here we are.
anyways, i'm off to watch tv or something.
i took a nap, so i wont be sleeping much tonight, but i know i need it.
cause this weekend is going to be nonstop crunk activity.

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Grad Bash 2006 [Sat, Apr 29th, 06
@ 2:51pm]
[ mood | calm ]

lets just say i had a fucking incredible time.
let me just give it out to you all at once.
to begin with, our bus didnt have enough seats to fit everyone.
so, me and my friends volunteered ourselves to move to another bus that was completely empty.
and it was like 20 of us on that bus maximum.
withing 15-20 minutes on the highway, we had to stop. 
one of the bus' a/c had given out and the people were dying in there.
so we waited until an empty bus came for them to switch buses.
and then we were on our way, to stop again 5 minutes later.
i dont know why this time.
however, our bus ended up turning around because the bus i was orginally on got a flat tire.
so, we went to the rescue as heroe buses.
and so yeah, we squeezed ourselves in and what not. [people standing like on a subway, 3 people in seats for 2]
oh, it was a memory not to be forgotten.
yes, it may have been somewhat uncomfortable, but we were making the best of it.
we got to a rest stop, bathroomed it.
got back on the bus where some people went onto other buses because there were emtpy seats.
we already knew we were going to be late.
there was a chance we wouldnt get to club at city walk.
well, we got there at 6:30. didnt get out of the bus until 7.
and city walk was closing down.
however, that wasnt going to bring my mood down.
you paid $110 for this trip.
you make the best of it.
you make it worth the money.
yes we got there two hours late.
yes, we didnt get to club.
yes, we didnt get the food.
but, you still had both theme parks to enjoy.
and it was fucking fantastic.
people were screaming everywhere, going crazy.
it was definitely an amazing experience.
you would wait in a line to get on a ride and you made friends. or somewhat.
people chanted '06! 06!'
that thrill was amazing.
knowing everyone else there was a senior at some high school in florida.
people would chant 'when i say '0' you say '6' '0!!!'...'6!!!'
its something else.
spider man, dudley do right, jurassic park were awesome.
dueling dragons broke down while we were in line.
and then we stopped by some ride in dr. seuss land, and i kind of was feeling sick.
i hadnt eaten all day, except the junk food i brought on the bus.
so, while my crew waited to get on the hulk.
i ate, cause i was going to pass out. no lie.
i was kind of bummed out i didnt get to ride on the hulk, but ive been on it millions of times before, i just needed to eat cause i would have passed out on the rollercoaster, haha.
we definitely had an fanfuckingtastic time.
universal was awesome also.
went on jimmy neutron, saw some of chris brown, bought my GRAD BASH 06 shirt, rode Jaws with Coto and everyone else.
it was definitely, definitely worth my $110.
you make of it with what you have.
if the buses break down, which one always does, or if you get there late.
enjoy what you have, all you can.
it comes once.
and you make it awesome.
and my friends and i did.
and i wish i could go back tonight, haha.
and then when we got back on the buses, everyone passed out.


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2006 [Thu, Apr 27th, 06
@ 9:37pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

grad bash
is tomorrow!!!
so fucking excited.
this weekend is going to be awesome.
next weekend is going to be awesome.
time to get crunk bitches.


[insert subject] [Tue, Apr 25th, 06
@ 7:33pm]
[ mood | full ]

today i went to the miami museum of science with SEGA.
it was a good fiedltrip.
the planetarium was cool.
the titanic exhibit was AMAZING.
i think thats the best trip ive had to that place.
it gave me chills seeing those artifacts and knowing people used them like almost one hundred years ago.

also. i have run into a problem.
the dance show is sold out both today, and thursday.
however, it is my fault for forgetting to buy the tickets.
anyways, i REALLY REALLY wanted to go to the show.
so, if anyone who has a ticket for thursday, and all of a sudden does not want to go, or cannot make it, let me know.
i feel bad that im not going.
especially since its my senior year, i wanted to give support to my senior girls.
stupid me for forgetting.
maybe, i can sneak in, haha.

im out.


paris and london, baby you can keep. [not mah lyrics, that crazy madonna]. [Wed, Mar 22nd, 06
@ 10:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

spring break come already!!
2 more weeks.
thats all.
two more effin weeks.
school is such a drag. i go to class to acclomplish nothing. ive been lazy. very. extremely.
on ms. alvarez class they have on the board how many days left until graduation without counting weekends and spring break.
theres only like 40 something. 40 fucking something. again, i wonder where the hell my senior year went. 
anyway, prom is in two months. or so. and we've been planning shit. limo. hotel. etc. oh, i think im getting an all black tux, not sure yet.
and i still have to look at hotel rooms.
prom is going to be soo fucking awesome!
i cant wait for spring break, for grad bash, for prom, for graduation. there all so close. i love it. then its preview at UF for like 4 days. [counting the days we go and leave]. and then all of june to party. before i leave for UF.
i seriously have my next 5 months planned. no lie.

april 7 [snorkeling at the keys]
april 8-16 [spring break]
april 21 [last pep rally]
april 25 [museum of science fieldtrip]
april 27 [sadd end of the year banquet]
april 28-29 [GRAD BASH!!!]
may 6 [prom] {oh and in between all of this is AP testing which means, "studying" but not really, just wasting time and having fun and going to the beach after!!}
may 25 [graduation at UM at 8:00pm]
may 29th [javis fucking legal]
may 31-june 3 [preview at UF]
june 4-june27 [consists of partying, going to the beach, sleeping, having fun, living it up, making the best of my summer, and packing for UF]
june 28 [move to uf]
july 3 [summer classes begin]
august 11[summer classes end]
august 12-august18 [back down in miami, partying, having fun, celebrating esthers legalness on the 13th! finally!]
august 19 [back to uf]
august 23 [fall classes begin]

and so my life will continue. 
its kinda freaky and scary how its all planned out.
but, i have stuff to look foward to.
and yeah. 

well im off.
have to look at hotel rooms.

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i hate being sick [Wed, Mar 8th, 06
@ 9:30pm]
[ mood | cough! cough! ]

ive lost my voice.
within the span of like two fucking hours, i had no voice.
its so raspy and dry and i sound like a serial killer
im performing in a fucking lunchtime pep rally on friday for Salsa and im calling the fucking rueda
but how can i, if i dont have a voice!
ive been coughing alot.
im in the final stage of my sickness
i have stages, and i know them
stage 1: soar throat, head aches
stage 2: head aches and stuffy nose
stage 3: stuffy nose with lots of coughing
and then i stay with a stuff nose for like a few more days
ive been ODing on medicine and im sick of it.
im sick of being sick.
fuck fuck fuck
i havent done hw
ive napped all this time
i want school to end
my heads beginning to hurt
the only good thing tonight is the seaon finale of project runway
im off


2006 winter olympic games. [Sun, Feb 26th, 06
@ 11:10pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i love the olympics.
love them.
however, i missed the opening ceremony, when it first started two weeks ago.
i kinda watched them, but not as much as i wanted to.
ratings for the olympics have been going down.
but, ive loved them since a little kid.
and now that i saw the closing ceremony, it made me nostalgic.
i dont know, its like a magical feeling. [i know corny.]
but thats what i get from it.
cant wait for the summer olympics in beijin in summer of 2008. and then its vancouver in 2010 for winter.


party! party! party! [Sat, Jan 7th, 06
@ 6:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

finally! it is here!!

woot! woot!

homecoming is tonight!

whose going to dance their ass off!

me! and everyone else!!!


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::throws sand onto self like cameron diaz did at the MTV Movie Awards:: [Thu, Jan 5th, 06
@ 10:28pm]
[ mood | dance! dance! dance! ]

Tell me love isn't true
It's just something that we do

i hate people who do stupid shit. lets take today for example, shall we. i wake my ass up this morning at 6:00AM. get to school at 6:30AM. and roll out this heavy, ass red banner paper to the main hallway of the school. i tape one end of the banner paper to the end of the hallway, and roll it until the other end of the other hallway. [the red paper is the 'red carpet'] anyway, we do the same on the other side of the hallway. so when we go back to finish taping it. there is a hole already [stupid assholes who dont kno how to walk] but thats besides the point. there is some girl there, who wants to make the whole bigger. WTF! ok bitch, can i please kick your ass? i literally told her, 'if you're going to rip it, then tape it back.' and believe me, i was an asshole about it. [muahahahaha]. then, after first lunch, some guy drags his foot where the paper is ripped, and just steps on it and keeps letting it teat. wow, i just wanted to lunge myself at him and tell him to stop being a fucking immature bitch and grow some fucking testicles! [got that out of my system]

lets take another example of today of stupidity in this world. diandra and i opened the spirit store today in first lunch [tomorrow is spirit day so we wanted to sell school merchandise] and there these two freshman [you can tell] 'ghetto thug' girls to the side. [i put that in quote because, kendall doesnt have thugs] and so there so loud, and so immature. and then this one girl gets behind the store [the store is a rolling cabinet lol] and diandra pushed it back by mistake, and so, the girl was like 'likg omg i almost got squished' [i woulda squished u bitch] and in my head i was like 'who the fuck gets behind this' and diandra was like 'what a stupid bitch' and then the girl was like i want to write my name with a permanent market on this and i look at her, and she smiles and i turn my head back to diandra. and the girl says her name and i look back and i'm like my name is miguel, thanks. and then when they leave they are like 'bye miguel' and i was like 'catch ya later'. do they not think i won't answer back? i would have literally told them to stop being so fucking immature. pero, me controle.

mrs. khan and melissa were like 'this new hair do is making you vicious miguel'. and i was like 'no' lol. i'm not an asshole. really, i'm not. but if you do stupid shit that pisses me off. i can be. and when i'm pissed, and you blow me off, i'll cut you're throat. like javi and esther say, 'i have a strong charatcer.' i do. i don't stay quiet. and i'll attack you. so, i attacked those immature bitches.

but, i'm not mad right now. i was just sharing my day with y'all.

today was good. everyone who dressed nice looked hot. and i have pics on my camera, so i will have them up soon. possibly, tonight if i have time. i still have to finish my economics homework.

tomorrow is going to be fucking busy. and omg, the gym floor is done! :sigh:

and we got report cards today. lets just say, i was shocked at how well i did. i came into senior year with senioritis and um, i havent fully worked up to my potential. but i am sooo happy with what i have for mid year grades.

i have an average of an 'A' for my mid year grades in the following classes: teacher's aide 2 [duh], teacher's aide 3[duh] and ap government [how the fuck, i do not know. but thanks so much madnicoff!]

and i have a 'B' average for my mid year grades in the following classes: ap environmental, ap calculus bc and ap literature.

so, i am glad with i got. my unweighted gpa went down from a 3.571 to a 3.563, buut, i'm still happy its an 'A' and i hope my weighted gpa goes to maybe a 5.0? lol. ok, maybe a bit much, but last year i went from a 4.505 to a freaking 4.831, so it is possible. oh well. final ranks come in soon. and im just waiting for that.

im going to get my '5 point' rule this nine weeks [that means str8 Bs, which im good with], so the last nine weeks im suuuper chill.

this weekend is going to be amazing. i am so excited.



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::tries to dance like beyonce:: [Mon, Jan 2nd, 06
@ 9:31pm]
[ mood | calm ]

heh, funny subject, eh?

so back to school. it was eh, alright. everyone liked the new "hair-do". so i have 1 full bottle of L.A. Looks Gel, anyone want it? can i take it for 5 dolla...can i get 3 dolla....1 dolla....50 cent....alright, free. i think esther wanted it.

anyway, congrats to the Senior Princesses from Homecoming Court.

so school? it was good. i delivered the ballons to the princesses first period. in environmental we did some lab with gold fishes (like the snacks u eat) and i ate them afterward. did some stuff in calclus (trying to do calculus hw as we speak). we had a sub for literature. did homecoming centerpieces in leadership. and then lirakis was awesome in economics and i have some reading to do.

so its back to the same ole routine.

buut, im sure these next months will fly by and before we know it...well, i dont want to think about that just now.

homecoming is this saturday! finally. gonna get crunk! lol. its a pretty eventful weekend, like no lie.

still need to apply for housing at UF.

have scholarships galore to work on.

life is ok at the moment.

oh, i almost forgot.

tomorrow is western day.

i better see you biznatches all southern and shit. do it!

now im done.



not ready for school. [Mon, Jan 2nd, 06
@ 3:23pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


sooo not ready to be back in school.

head hurts.

going to take a nap.

i have to bake cookies tonight.

hopefully, they wont burn.


[ill update more later. you know the deal.]

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2006 'nuff said. [Sun, Jan 1st, 06
@ 9:39pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Happy New Year!!!



so, winter break has come to an end. and let me just say, it was the fucking best winter break i have ever had. i literally went out every day. got home every day at 2:00AM. yeah, it was fun. being wild, crazy, random with your friends is priceless. it consisted of Narnia, shopping, dunking doughnuts, ice skating, pool, village diner, chilis, fridays, dennys, the park, christmas, javis house, just plain old fun! and yeah, now back to school tomorrow. but, it isnt as stressful. final ranks come in february, so all my work has been done. now all i have to worry about is FAFSA, and applying to tons of Scholarships, and ive done a few, and working on quite a few for January. the rest of the year consists of having fun! {not to mention the fact i need to get money for college! lol}..but homecoming is finally here! so yeah. and senior activities galore are on their way. so im excited. and then may will roll around and everyone will start freaking out. but thats besides the point now.

last night was good. spent it with the family. next yr and the yrs to come, however, its gonna be partying somewhere, or going to bayfront with the friends! i remember three years ago, when it was going to be 2003, my cousin at midnight was like, 'damn i graduate this year' and im thinking, i have three years to worry about that. yeah, those three years feel like three seconds. i guess when it changed to 2006, it had a lot more meaning since im graduating this year, and it is OUR year and its going to be quite exciting!

so i have to apply for housing at UF. summer im going to stay at Lakeside. and then in the fall/spring im going to do Beatty Towers. annnd i wanna go to UF sometime soon so i can go and see it again.

so i have nothing more to say, except.


















christmas carols. [Sat, Dec 24th, 05
@ 3:55pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalalalalalalala

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Enjoy it!

Spoil yourselves!

Spend some quality time with the familia!





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